About Fresh Comfort®

Life has enough challenges. Finding the comfortable undergarments shouldn't be one of them.

Fresh Comfort, Inc. founder Maria Valencia found herself challenged to find comfortable undergarments for her aging mother facing health struggles and limited mobility. Frustrated with the lack of well-fitting, easy-to-dress and above all, comfortable intimate apparel garments in the market, she embarked on a decade-long journey to develop Fresh Comfort, Inc. and its line of innovative undergarments for women.

With nearly two-decades of intimate apparel design experience with several top brands, Maria had the experience, talent and drive to assess the market and begin creating versatile intimates for women with special needs that fit well and wear better.  Business partner Beatriz Cacheux brought her experience in sales and marketing and together they launched Fresh Comfort, Inc. with the idea of designing adaptive intimate apparel for a better life.

Today's women, regardless of age, health and mobility status, deserve intimate apparel made for their unique needs. Believing that they need not be considered "unmentionables," Fresh Comfort leads the conversation, bringing versatile and comfortable intimates to active and semi-active convalescents, seniors and women with dexterity challenges or who seek more comfortable intimate apparel. 

These superior fitting women's undergarments feature innovative comfort and performance finishes in a wide array of sizes to suit the needs of today's seniors.  Put through rigorous fit, lab and wear-test studies, Fresh Comfort's innovative intimates were built with the end-user as a constant inspiration and motivation. 

Fresh Comfort's first-of-their-kind bras and underwear offer new independence and supreme comfort and fit to vibrant women challenged with limited mobility and other health concerns.

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